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20 minutes and breaking personal inertia

20 Things You Can Do In 20 Minutes to Be More Successful at Work by Stephanie Overby, With the Staff of CIO and, CIO
February 25, 2008
Looking for a 20-minute miracle? This article list a few things that one can do in 20 minutes that might make a big difference. It’s all about breaking inertia. Here are the headings. Try spending your first 20 minutes reading the article.
1. Counterintelligence 101
2. The Mini-Meeting
3. Business Intelligence 201
4. Your Vendor, Revealed
5. Self-Knowledge Is Power
6. Call a Customer (Bonus Points If They’re Irate)
7. Life Without E-Mail
8. Say Yes to Staff Training
9. And Who Are You?
10. Go for a Walk
11. Knock on a New Door
12. Should You Stay or Should You Go Now?
13. What’s So Funny About Company Peace, Love and Understanding?
14. Set Up a Facebook Account
15. Encrypt Now or Regret It Later
16. What Users Want
17. The Kids Are Real Smart
18. Does Your Vendor “Get” You?
19. iPhone Fun
20. Take a Google Test Drive

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