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All Search Engines Up

SearchEnginesWatch reports that comScore released their March 2008 Search Engine Rankings
Of course, Google continues to dominate “search”. Most of the time we see market share numbers whihc tend to make it look like the other seach engines are shrinking. Of course they aren’t. Here’s the growth:
Google – 6.4 billion, 10% increase
Yahoo – 2.3 billion, 7% increase
MSN – 1 billion, 6% increase
AOL – 521 million, 7% increase
Ask – 503 million, 12% increase
No start counting up in your head what the post merger, cross licensed world will look like soon. Then imagine the ad world when it is domoinated by ads in the cloud.
I’ll bet that if we could aggregate the total number of searches done on library sites of all types we’d see better growth and higher growth. A third way!


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