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Libraries in Facebook

Check out this posting in RSS4Lib blog.
OK, I’ll wait.
There, interesting eh?
I think it shows that libraries do deserve to play, invite and be aware of trends inside social networking tools. We don’t know the right answer(s) yet but we can’t afford to ignore the space.
Anyway, I saw the above at the same time as this little survey from Portals and KM.
“89% have access to Facebook at school or work
44% are on Facebook several times a day
81% also belong to LinkedIn, 53% are on You Tube, and 41% are on MySpace
91% use a real photo of themselves
90% mix personal and professional contacts and 17% have more than 100 Facebook friends.
77% have use Facebook for business relationships
80% were professional of some type and not students”
It’s biased but still shows that Facebook is heading beyond students fast. I think that you might find takinig the survey educational. I was surprised that I am so open on Facebook. Try it here. You can be anonymous and check out the results on the fly at the end.

Posted on: April 21, 2008, 11:21 am Category: Uncategorized

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