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New Hitwise & Morgan Stanley Social Networking Reports

Sometimes I find it useful to see what other sectors are thinking about something I’m interested in studying. So, here are two things about social networking – one from the perspective of advertising and marketing and one from an investment perspective.
ONE: Hitwise
Hitwise US Social Networking ReportMarch 2008
Driving Opportunities Through Participatory Marketing [16 page PDF]
by Heather Hopkins, Hitwise UK Analyst, Hitwise Asia Pacific
Heather Dougherty, Director of Research, Hitwise
Marc Fanelli, SVP, Decision Sciences, Experian Marketing Services
The Social Networking Landscape
– What are social networks?
– The growth of social networks
The Social Networking Audience
The Impact of Social Networking
– Taking Advantage of Social Networks
Key Findings from Behavioral Trends
Social Media Marketing in 2008
– Increased social media diversifi cation
– The emergence of the ‘super’ brand advocate
– Using a value scorecard to direct social media spend
About Hitwise
About Experian
About the Authors
TWO: Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley’s March Internet Trends Report: Social Applications Dominating (From TechCrunch)
Key takeaways:
YouTube + Facebook page views > Google or Yahoo page views (and may be bigger than both combined)
6/10 top internet sites are social (youtube,, facebook, hi5, wikipedia, orkut); none were on the list in 2005
YouTube has 258 million users, 50% visit weekly or more
>50% of Facebook users log in daily, 95% of Facebook users have used at least one third party application
Skype revenue is $1.67/user/year, up 9% Y/Y
14 million photos uploaded daily on Facebook
Google + Yahoo = 61% of U.S. Online Ad Revenue
Google: $4.4b ad revenue in Q4, paid out $1.4 billion to partners
Yahoo: $1.6 billion in ad revenue in Q4, paid out $429 million to partners ”
Hey, we don’t live in a vacuum!


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