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SLA Innovation Laboratory

OK, it’s a bit of a soft launch for SLA members. All you need is your member ID and password and SLA members have access to the SLA Innovation Laboratory online. (and if you forget your member ID and password, it’s easy to get them here. Of course, you can always join SLA too here.)
Join the SLA Innovation Laboratory and become an SLA Lab Rat!
SLA members should have received the email below June 10. As SLA President, one of my initiatives is to increase the free learning opportunities for SLA members. One of these is the SLA Innovation Lab! A small team of wonderful SLA members and staff have spent months creating a fantastic resource for SLA members. I can’t thank them enough.
The SLA Innovation Laboratory
a place to explore & learn

Inside you’ll find:
The Innovation Homepage
A large Application Suite of free and licensed software
SLA’s Twitter Gude
Technology Links
23 Things for SLA (More on ths later)
SLA in Second Life
The SLA Innovation Wiki
SLA Blogs & Wikis
Atomic Learning
The SLA Innovation Laboratory is designed to be a place where you can play, learn, and discover uses for the latest emerging technologies. It’s a unique resource exclusively for SLA members to discover, and get comfortable with, new technologies. The Laboratory offers a wide variety of Web 2.0 software learning tools to help you become more business savvy and technologically adept.
The SLA Innovation Lab also provides tools to SLA units (chapters, divisions, committees, councils, caucuses, task forces, etc.) to build and implement useful services for members. The initiative adds deep value to acquiring and retaining SLA membership.
Join us in the Laboratory
SLA has a long tradition of successful education initiatives. Learning opportunities abound, but the SLA Innovation Laboratory differs from traditional continuous learning in that it does not necessarily require a course, conference or event. It is something members — you — do for yourself, independently or in small groups. By offering the SLA Innovation Laboratory for members to discover, play, and learn, we have the framework for 24/7 independent learning opportunities. This is an expansion of SLA’s learning programs, and is designed for you to invest the time and have fun learning.
So, join us in the laboratory! Enter your SLA userID and password and you’re on your way to becoming an Innovation Lab Rat!
SLA Innovation Laboratory
We will be formally launching this initiative in Seattle at our annual conference starting ths weekend. Of course there will be dozens of other exciting announcements that heartily increase the value of an SLA membership ($160.00 – a bargain) there too.

Posted on: June 11, 2008, 8:04 am Category: SLA Communications

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