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The SLA Conference last week

I had a wonderful time at the SLA Conference in Seattle.
Highlights for me were:
1. Vint Cerf giving his views on the development of the inter-planetary internet to us and Charlie Rose
2. Machinima at the Opening Session
3. Meeting Seth Godin
4. The 23 Things song from Tim and Richard
5. David Snowden showing story collection in Iran and use thereof.
6. Eugenie Prime updating her No Puny Visions talk from SLA Seattle in 1997.
7. The IT/LMD Dance
8. Having my daughter there.
9. Seeing the SLA Second Life site develop
10. Having over 200 attendees Twitter the conference from the SLA Innovation Lab.
11. Launching the SLA 23 Things and getting sign ups right away
12. Soft launching the SLA Innovation Lab with beakers and lab rats!
13. Giving out awards to cool folks
Here’s a link to my President’s session on Reality 2.0
Here’s a link to the slides from my opening remarks
6 more months to go as president of SLA.

Posted on: June 23, 2008, 1:50 pm Category: Association Presentations

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