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I had another wonderful trip with truly excellent hospitality when I visited Hobart, Tasmania after ALIA in Alice Springs. I met with folks from the state library which helps direct the network of public libraries too as well as diong innovative things for the state. I also had a very fun brainstorming discussion with the University of Tasmania.
As an extra special treat I did an open address in the main auditorium of U Tas and toured the library. I was honoured to have the University’s vice chancellor introduce the Premier who introduced little ol’ me. Both introductions set the bar high with their erudition. (Imagine finding a way to connect sheep and books! Vellum).
Anyway, here’s the powerpoints for the talk:
Knowledge, Information and the 21st Century
They will be posting an MP3 and video as well. Pretty up there technologically in a highly connected state. Very impressive.

Posted on: September 22, 2008, 5:05 pm Category: Client Presentations

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