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I got this idea from here today and I’m sure there are a ton of great examples out there already:
Wallpaper your Desktop
I know many folks have neat wallpapers on the public access computers. Some folks have some neat screensavers too.
However there are a few that are set on default or worse are plain and boring and fail to use the marketing potential of the PC screens. Do folks know the whole range of neat things that are there? Or do they just think it’s just the library OPAC all the time.
Anyway, take a look and see what you could do with the wallpaper function when conceived as a marketing tool or signage device.
Hey, you could even run a photo contest and use it as a community gallery…

Posted on: September 25, 2008, 3:35 pm Category: Uncategorized

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  1. And the idea came from an MLIS student in Nebraska! (Yup karindalziel is a future librarian.)