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Librarianship as a Career

This week on CNN and
15 jobs that pay $50,000 — and might be hiring.
“To help you figure out what your options are, we’ve come up with a list of 15 jobs that earn in the $50,000 range and are expected to increase in demand between now and 2016.
With the annual median salary for full-time workers in the U.S. at $33,634, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these careers will help you earn well above the average salary.
They also require various levels of experience and education, so workers from all walks of life can find opportunities.
Here are 15 jobs that pay between $50,000 and $59,999:”
Annual median income: $50,970*
Projected employment in 2016: 164,000
Increase between 2006 and 2016: 4 percent
The rest:
Accountants and auditors
Compensation, benefits and job analysis specialists
Conservation scientists
Detectives and criminal investigators
Environmental scientists and specialists, including health
Insurance appraisers, auto damage
Insurance underwriters
Landscape architects
Sales representatives, wholesale and manufacturing (excluding technical and scientific products)
Subway and streetcar operators
Teachers, postsecondary
Urban and regional planners
I have to say librarian still appeals to me the most on this list. I like teaching but I can do that in this profession – a lot. I love the detective work but my hours are better. personally, I loved my positions where I was working as a librarian for accoutants and auditors, consultants and HR pros. It’s possible to practice librarian ship for nearly anyone on this list and have a bigger impact.
We continue to see these studies done by independent or at least non-librarian sources showing a bright future for information professionals. Usually when I point to the studies I get comments that this is impossible and there’s no way there are any jobs out there. it’s sad that some people are so sadly demotivated. I know there are difficult times, hard personal circumstances and hard job searches. I hope everyone keeps a good attitude as long as they can and is successful in the end.
This year I’ve had the great opportunity to meet so many LIS schools’ students, staff and faculty. They are an awesome crew and it’s a wonderful experience. I know they’ll do well.
This week, I was also asked to provide a quote for my MLS alma mater and their new recruiting brochure/website. I did. As I dug deeper, I, for one, found that I am still happy with my choice of profession. It might not be right for everyone but diversity is what makes the world great. I like variety, insights and people – and this profession certainly delivers that.

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