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Internet Librarian 2008

My favourite conference was last week, Internet Librarian. It was the usual mix of cool kids and exciting projects and ideas and keynotes. And despite the faltering economy it was the third biggest IL to date after last year’s record size.
Anyway, I gave a a few sessions. Here are the PPTs:
Enterprise Trends: Beyond the Simple Intranet
10 Technologies for Whole School Adoption
(Internet @ Schools West Conference)
Pecha Kucha: Trendspotting – Weak Signals from the Future
(Pecha Kucha has a special format – 20 slides delivered in 20 second each! – not my best format but it focuses the mind and communication. Anyway, there are a few videos out there of this session. Nancy Dowd’s and David Lee King’s and Rebecca Jones’ were awesome! An award goes to anyone who can say Pecha Kucha three times fast.)
I deny that there is a video out there from IL 2008 of me singing my favourite Eminem rap that closed the conference.


Posted on: October 27, 2008, 6:02 pm Category: Association Presentations

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  1. Cindy Bassett said

    I am really interested in the concept of Pecha Kucha. Just wondering where I might be able to view the slides of the other presenters if I didn’t attend the conference? You mention videos?
    I found searchinig pecha kucha youtube on Google got a lot of stuff….