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Helene Blowers points to some fun analytical tools for you blog. I just did the bunch.
“Here’s a list of a few fun blog analyzers that supposedly offer up some insights into your blog and writing style. Note: I can’t validate the scientific integrity of any of these tools. I share them here for your pure amusement purposes only 🙂 ”
Typealyzer – provides a Myers-Briggs type analysis of your blog and shows you the area of the brain that your writing style reflects most.
Apparently I write as an INTJ. I test in Myers-Briggs as ENTP or ENFP.
Genderanalyzer – determines what sex you write like.
According to this I am 67% male! That’s about right for a guybrarian.
Readability Test – Determine what grade level your blog is written at.
This blog shows as being High School readability. (At least that’s above the middle school target for newspapers.)
Fun. Try your own or your library’s blog or friends’ blogs.

Posted on: November 10, 2008, 8:58 am Category: Uncategorized