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How long does change take?

Jeff Utrecht at The Thinking Stick blog has a interesting post:
How long does change take?
Basically he asks the questions or at least makes the observations that:
Napster started in June 1999 and it took until Jan. 2009 for Apple’s iTunes store to offer a significant amunt of tunes DRM free.
“It took the music industry 10 years to change to a new model, to understand a new landscape, and to learn to take advantage of it.”
YouTube was created in 2005 and the television industry is starting to feel some pressure.
Blogs started to gain momentum about 2003/4 and newspapers started to feel the pinch.
What will Facebook and MySpace challenge?
How about Twitter?
Anyone want to find the blindspot on eBooks and the L-Place?
I guess the horses didn’t see cars changing transportation, trains too. Refridgerators morphed home delivery of milk and ice.
Amazon, Craig’s List, and eBay have changed how we shop.
Innovators thrive and survive. But not forever.
I think I’ll go take a photo of that toy’s barcode and find it cheaper on the web.

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