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Oscar’s DVD’s

So many of us are Oscar fans – either for the opportunity to snark at the dresses or out of a love for film (more movies or motion pictures depending on your snob niche).
Anyway, I love movies and saw most of the ones nominated this year. For public libraries this is a key market niche for circulation stats with DVD collections.
The Blah Blah Blah Blog tells us that this is the status of the DVD releases for the big films:
Slumdog Millionaire. March 2009. Best Picture, Director, and 6 other wins.
Milk. March 2009. Best Actor, Sean Penn.
The Reader. April 2009. Best Actress, Kate Winslet.
The Dark Knight. Already available. Best Supporting Actor, Heath Ledger.
Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Already available. Best Supporting Actress, Penelope Cruz
Benjamin Button. April 2009. Numerous Technical Awards.
Man on Wire. Already available. Best Documentary.
Wall-E. Already available. Best Animated Feature.
And of course even getting nominated should increase interest.
Looks like March and April could be big circ months if you by and promote right. You likely have your orders in already. Have you reviewed them for their new status of Oscar winners or nominees? What does your ‘New Releases’ and ‘Coming Hits’ webpage and whiteboard look like today? I think it’s neat that many libraries have a whiteboard that they update just like the old (and likely closed) local rental place. I’ll bet this is a top question with your top DVD borrowers.
And most libraries now allow holds on DVD’s and upcoming titles. How else can you gauge demand?

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