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The Future of Academic Libraries

John Dupuis in the Confessions of a Science Librarian blog has created an excellent list of recent major reports on the future of academic libraries. He apologizes for the length of the list and some additional focus on academic science library issues. This is not necessary and it’s wonderful to have this great list in useable form. If you follow the link you’ll find every single report linked as well.
Thanks John.
Twenty-nine reports about the future of academic libraries
Ithaka’s 2006 Studies of Key Stakeholders in the Digital Transformation in Higher Education
How Readers Navigate to Scholarly Content: Comparing the changing user
behaviour between 2005 and 2008 and its impact on publisher web site design and function
College Students’ Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources
Sharing, Privacy and Trust in Our Networked World
Generations Online in 2009
The Future of the Internet III
Networked Workers: Most workers use the internet or email at their jobs, but they say these technologies are a mixed blessing for them
Use of Cloud Computing Applications and Services
2009 Horizon Report
Scholarly Information Practices in the Online Environment: Themes from the Literature and Implications for Library Service Development
National Consultation on Access to Scientific Research Data
Agenda for Developing E-Science in Research Libraries
Sustainability and Revenue Models for Online Academic Resources
Skills, Role & Career Structure of Data Scientists & Curators: Assessment of Current Practice & Future Needs
Semantic Enrichment: The Key to Successful Knowledge Extraction from STM Literature
No Brief Candle: Reconceiving Research Libraries for the 21st Century
Preservation in the Age of Large-Scale Digitization: A White Paper
A Survey of Digital Humanities Centers in the United States
Library as Place: Rethinking Roles, Rethinking Space
Current Models of Digital Scholarly Communication: Results of an Investigation Conducted by Ithaka for the Association of Research Libraries
The Next Generation of Academics: A Report on a Study Conducted at the University of Rochester
Studying Students: The Undergraduate Research Project at the University of Rochester
The ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2008
Economic Implications of Alternative Scholarly Publishing Models: Exploring the costs and benefits
More People, Not Just More Stuff: Developing a New Vision for Research Cyberinfrastructure
Our Cultural Commonwealth: The report of the American Council of Learned Societies Commission on Cyberinfrastructure for the Humanities and Social Sciences
Cyberinfrastructure for the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Transformational Times:. An Environmental Scan Prepared for the ARL Strategic Plan Review Task Force
Finding Context: What Today’s College Students Say About Conducting Research in the Digital Age
These sort of timely webliographies are at the heart of professional web based collaboration, communication and sharing. John requests folks to add more studies on the topic in the comments to his post.


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