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Internet Archive and Sun Microsystems

The wonderful Internet Archive is moving to a more sustainable platform. Excellent. This is one of the treasures of the Internet.
From yesterday’s announcement:
“On March 25, Sun Microsystems and the Internet Archive will unveil the Wayback Machine Sun Modular Datacenter (MD) – one of the world’s largest digital libraries. For the first time, the Wayback Machine will be deployed and managed as a modular datacenter. For years, the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine has allowed users, with the click of a mouse, to go back in time and visit public web sites from 1996 to the present … and beyond! ”
“The Internet Archive moved from a traditional datacenter filled with standard Linux servers to running Solaris 10 with ZFS on Sun Fire x4500s in a Sun MD.”
“Today, Internet Archive also records content from TV channels worldwide, as well as movies, music, and books, all with storage requirements that are growing exponentially. Deployed in one-tenth the time it takes to build a typical bricks-and-mortar datacenter, the Wayback Machine Sun MD holds up to 2 petabytes of data and services 500 inquiries a second.”
“Learn how rapid, easy deployment can deliver flexibility and high-density compute capabilities to quickly expand datacenter capacity for your organization while reducing expenses, risk of data loss, and environmental impact. If you have any questions or feedback, please send a message to”

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