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Using Personas for Better Websites

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Focusing on your website user by developing personas
By Catherine Elder – Is your website organized and designed for your audiences to achieve the results that they want and you need?
Common website Problems
1. Senior staff want something to go on the home page, and then something else and something else and so on
The site looks unorganized without a clear purpose
2. Users complain that they can’t find information or that it is buried deep within the bowels of the site and it takes forever to find it or is impossible to remember where it is
Users phone staff to be sent the information or to be given a direct link or step by step directions taking up their time and yours
Both these problems are being experienced not only on intranets but also on external websites. The first problem highlights strategy and governance issues and the second problem adds organization (of information architecture) and design issues. Both problems create inefficiencies gobbling up time both for employees and for customers.
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