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Next SirsiDynix Institute – May 13th

Upcoming Free SirsiDynix Institute Event
I think it’s time for something uplifting. Here’s our next free SirsiDynix Institute event:
Leading in Difficult Times
Date : May 13, 2009
Start Time : 12 p.m. Eastern Time (I hour)
Register Now here!
As a library system director I get asked for advice regularly, but in the last few months the requests have been growing louder. How do I control the fear, what is leadership in tough times all about, why is inaction not an option this time around? Join Kitty Pope as she walks through the process and the message which is all about hope and courage.
Kitty Pope —Executive Director, Alliance Library System
Kitty Pope, executive director of the Alliance Library System, said of the Second Life project, “Last April, we knew we were taking a chance. We did not know if the residents of Second Life would want a library or what a library in a virtual world would mean. Now almost a year later, we have expanded from a rented building to an Info Archipelago with eight collaborative islands and many groups working together to continue the expansion. The international group of volunteers we have had has made this happen.”
Pope (Kitty Phillips in Second Life) is the executive director of Second Life Library/Info, Barbara Galik (Puglet Dancer in Second Life) is the president of the advisory board, Lori Bell (Lorelei Junot in Second Life) is the director and Rhonda Trueman (Abbbey Zenith in Second Life) is the assistant director. The directors of the Teen Second Life Library are Matt Gullett (Ray Lightworker in Second Life) and Kelly Czarnecki (BlueWings Hayek in Second Life).

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