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iPhone Apps

I’ve been deciding what iPhone apps to download this week and have gotten some good advice just by tweeting and Facebooking the request. I was mainly interested in getting Twitter and Facebook to work well. A few folks recommended a few movie review and travel apps. I’ll try them eventually too. All of my e-mail accounts are working fine now. I thought I might as well ask on my old-fashioned blog – Anything anyone can’t live without out there? I am sticking to 15 minutes a day to learn and choose this stuff or I could get addicted.
And broke, apparently: “Just in case you felt compelled to assemble a collection of every push-to-fart program out there, Forbes calculates the price of purchasing all 55,732 available iPhone apps to be $144,326.06.” [Forbes via Gizmodo]
I’ll start downloading some SirsiDynix ILS apps once I get good at this phone. I’m still a bit all thumbs.

Posted on: July 24, 2009, 11:25 pm Category: Uncategorized

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  1. One of the free apps for the iphone which I like is the “if found” app, it won’t deter those who are after a free iphone by theft or ‘finding it’, but for the honest ones, this is a great way to let people know who and where you are so your phone can be returned to you if you inadvertantely leave it somewhere.
    Other ones are Photonote and a voice recorder like Quick voice or Voice memo’s (also free).
    Just be sure you test your apps one a day to make sure none slow down your OS – if you load too many in one day and then you have problems, you need to get them all off and start again.

  2. My favorite (free) apps for my iPod Touch are: Pandora internet radio, and Stanza, a book reader that has a Library of free books to download.

  3. Well apart from free apps i bought iwound.It cost me $4.99, contains 402 pages of original content, 15 minutes of audio and video and several features

  4. Brian Davis said

    I wasn’t able to find any SirsiDynix ILS apps on the App Store.
    They’re being released on our site soon. Of course, the apps are necessarily library specific. A SirsiDynix app would not be particularly useful unless it was customized for a local library by that library such as the DCPL apps.