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25th Annual Computers in Libraries

From the Dysart & Jones Blog
25th Computers in Libraries by Jane Dysart
April 12-14, 2010
“Can you believe the Computers in Libraries conference has been running for 25 years? and that I [Jane Dysart] have designed the program for the last 15? Amazing & exciting for me and hopefully for you too! The theme this year is Information Fluency: Literacy for Life. Information fluency goes beyond literacy (the ability to read and write), information literacy (the ability to find, evaluate and use information), media literacy (the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create messages in a variety of forms), and digital literacy (the ability to use digital technology, communication tools or networks to locate, evaluate, use and create information). It extends to other types of literacy necessary to grow, learn and live – cultural literacy, global literacy, news literacy, scientific literacy, economic literacy, social literacy, health literacy, multimedia literacy, computer literacy, social online literacy, and more. Information, and fluency with it, permeates every part of our lives. Developing skills to become fluent with information is the key to our success individually as well as in groups, teams and communities. Send in a proposal to speak at CIL2010 and plan to attend the 25th anniversary of the “largest technology conference & exhibition for librarians and information managers in North America”.
I’ve been proud to be involved with Information Today conferences and magazines including CIL for 15 years too. I still remember when it was called Small Computers in Libraries! Imagine, that meant smallish, not mobile.

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