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I’m just saying . . .

I love this list assembled at “The Heart of Innovation” blog.
“1. “The server’s down.”
2. “You’re breaking up.”
3. “Your email ended up in my spam folder.”
4. “I’m out of range.”
5. “My laptop crashed.”
6. “I can’t find my Blackberry.”
7. “I forgot to recharge my battery.”
8. “I couldn’t open the attachment.”
9. “I didn’t get a calendar reminder from Outlook.”
10. “I don’t remember which password opens that application.”
11. “I had a power surge and I’m using a dial up connection.”
12. “The magnetic strip on the ID card is damaged. I couldn’t get in.”
13. “I couldn’t find your fax number.”
14. “The main fuse in the building burned out.”
15. “My dog ate my mouse.”
16. “I don’t have an Orkut account anymore.”
17. “I had trouble getting online.”
18. “My cat urinated on my laptop.””
Unfortunately, sometimes they’re true. Don’t you just hate technology?
On today’s ‘to do’ list – dump the crumbs out of my keyboards. Windex the screens. Ahhhhhh.

Posted on: July 31, 2009, 12:42 pm Category: Uncategorized