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More Twitter Data

I know that Twitter is very interesting and I can see loads of undiscovered potential. I just started tweeting from my iPhone (Yeah, I’m late to that party). Then again, Twiter is still in its infancy so it’s fun to watch as people discover new ways to use it.
Check out this post and wonderful visualization at Gizmodo:
If Only 100 People Were in Twitter

Bobbi Newman (Librarian By Day) points to this interesting study data with stats from the Sysomos report on Twitter. “There is more information on the original post (10 Stunning (And Useful) Stats About Twitter) and you download the full report if you’re inclined:
1.21% (One Fifth) of Twitter accounts are empty placeholders.
2.Nearly 94% of all Twitter accounts have less than 100 followers.
3.March and April of 2009 were the tipping point for Twitter.
4.150 followers is the magic number.
5.A small minority creates most of the activity
6.Half of all Twitter users are not “active.”
7.Tuesday is the most active Twitter day.
8.APIs have been the key to Twitter’s growth & utility.
9.English still dominates Twitter.
10.Twitter is being led by the social media geeks.
11.Bonus Geographical Stat/Quote: The cities with the biggest Twitter populations are New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, San Francisco, and Boston. Los Angeles is the fastest growing city on the list.””
All in all, it’s just interesting. People are sharing in unique and different ways AND LIBRARIES ARE ALL ABOUT THE SHARING.

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