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Banks have branches too

I like to watch banking (since it has branches just like libraries) to see what innovations they are using.
Check out this video:
iPhone® USAA Deposit@Mobile Demo
Yep, you saw right. You just take a pucture of your cheque and deposit it in this bank via your iPhone. And you don’t ever need to give them the original hard copy cheque.
I found this on Mashable, The Future of Banking? Deposit Checks via iPhone.
Now can we think about what this sort of stuff might mean to libraries in the future?
1. There’s the obvious fines payments cheques.
2. I think we could register borrowers with their ID via this method.
3. I like the apps that let you scan a bar code or QR and find locations or better prices for that product/book…

Posted on: August 12, 2009, 12:27 pm Category: Uncategorized

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  1. Michael Golrick said

    Actually the new Chase machines will take checks and cash without envelopes and deposit slips. When you deposit a check (even a handwritten one) it reads the amount and will even print an image on your receipt. And this is at both drive-up and walk-up ATMs.