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Making Innovation Organic

The Harvard Business Publishing website has a good article by Scott Anthony that seems timely:
After Lehman: How Innovation Thrives In a Crisis
He makes the pont that innovation can’t be scheduled and that making innovation priorities during your budget cycle is innsufficient. He notes that “constraints are innovation enablers.”
Anthony discusses organic innovation and what is required to embed this in your organization.
“This kind of competency comes from treating innovation like a discipline with six, interlocking components;
1.An innovation strategy that details targets, tactics, and required resources
2.An innovation process that iteratively spots and shapes new growth businesses
3.Structures that support the nurturing of innovative ideas, providing a “safe place” for innovation
4.Supporting processes that helps ensure that companies don’t succumb to the “sucking sound” of the core
5.A common language that helps build corporate alignment
6.Metrics that help senior leaders appropriately track their innovation efforts”
Timely thoughts. With all of the big changes that libraries are handling, we can’t stop experimenting now.

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