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Library 101

OK, I have to admit that I love Michael Porter and David Lee King. They truly let their passion for libraries show in all of their work and they bring fun to the party all the time and they share willingly and openly.
So I am giving a plug for the video they produced, wrote, promoted, sang in, and more.
I was there for the premiere day (or at least the much requested second viewing since I was moderating the Pecha Kucha session) at Internet Librarian.
As they say on their new rich site:
Library 101
“Have you seen it? Have you heard the song and seen the music video? Have you read any of the 23 essays from some of the greatest minds in Libraryland (and David King and Michael Porter [and me too])? Have you looked at the carefully selected list of 101 hyperlinked resources that share critically important things to think about and know in order to ensure a vibrant future for libraries, even as technology changes the information access and community landscapes?
Well you should go check it out!”
These two dudes are awesome.

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