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Open Libraries Podcast

I was interviewed last week by Richard Wallis for the track plenary I am doing in London for Online International.
Here’s a link to the podcast which hopes to promote the speech and the conference.
Stephen Abram – Open in Libraries Technology & Education
“Stephen Abram is Vice President, Innovation for library system vendor SirsiDynix. He is track keynote speaker for the The Open Movement in Libraries, Technology & Education track, on the third day of the conference.
In this first podcast in our Online Information 2009 series, Stephen first explores the meaning of the, often over used, openness concept. Are we talking about openness of systems, software APIs, open source, approach, minds, libraries, or a combination of several. of these.
With such a broad topic, it was inevitable that we addressed many many aspects of the influences of technology and attitudes on the way libraries are evolving. Touching on the library system industry, and how it has and is changing, postulating on the future of libraries, and external influences from our rapidly changing world, this is a great introduction to his presentation and the track it kicks off.”
Follow the link to the MP3 file.

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