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Kindle Comes to Canada

OK, here’s what you can buy me for Christmas (to us alongside my Sony Reader).
The Kindle has finally come to Canada (but it’s not as good as the American version).
Kindle Canada is available
“Canada gets all of the following –
1.Free access to the Kindle Store via 3G wireless.
2.300,000 English language books.
3.$11.99 prices.
4.100,000 books under $5.99.
5.Newspapers and Magazines are also available
What does Canada not get?
1.No free Internet.
2.$2 extra for books due to wireless delivery charge.
3.No wireless delivery of personal documents.
4.No Kindle Blogs.
5.Prices in Canadian Dollars. Everything will be charged in US dollars”
Read the rest of the view after the link.

Posted on: November 18, 2009, 11:34 am Category: Uncategorized