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News versus Newspapers

This is an interesting study. We’ve been reading so much lately on the downturns in newspaperland but this is the most recent study I’ve seen combining sources of news and comparing readership. I can certainly see that many of the people I know who no longer read a print newspaper continue to be as well or better informed about current events.
Three Quarters of Adults are Reading Newspapers, in Print or Online (PDF; 144 KB)
“Three-quarters (74%) of U.S. adults, or nearly 171 million people, read a newspaper — in print or online — during the past week. This is according to the latest Integrated Newspaper Audience (INA)* finding from Scarborough Research, the audience ratings measurement service for the newspaper industry. The company examined newspaper readership in its recently released Scarborough USA+ Study, which captures media patterns and other consumer behaviors of adults across the country. The data analysis indicates that newspapers are still read in print or online by a critical mass of adults in the U.S. on a daily and weekly basis.

The analysis of Scarborough audience data not only indicated that newspapers are being read by a majority of adults in print and online, but also that these Integrated Newspaper Audiences continue to attract educated, affluent readers. In an average week:
» 79% of adults employed in white collar positions read a newspaper in print or online
» 82% of adults with household incomes of $100,000 or more read a printed newspaper in print or online
» 84% of adults who are college graduates or who have advanced degrees read a printed newspaper in print or online
Source: Scarborough Research (via Nielsen)” (Via Gary Price and ResourceShelf)
BTW I’m pretty sure that if you ahve an advanced degree or make over $100K you’re in the older part of the sample. Many a retailer regretted staying with their core customers as they aged. Their market shrank over time relentlessly.

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