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The Library Routes Project

I met Laura Woods last Summer in DC at the SLA Centennial Conference. She was the winner of the SLA Europe Early Career Conference Award, co-sponsored by the SLA Leadership and Management Division. We had a nice conversation at a reception about the challenges facing our profession.
She was concerned that there is too little understanding of what librarians and information professionals actually do for those making new career choices and that might represent a possible barrier to atracting people to our profession. With this in mind, she recently set up the Library Routes Project – a wiki to collect people’s reflections on how they got into the information professions, how their careers have progressed, the jobs they’ve done along the way, etc.
The hope is that the project will be a useful resource for people who are interested in the profession but don’t really know where to start, or where it could take them. It’s been pretty successful so far – since it was set up at the start of October, there are now nearly 60 entries – and, more importantly, the wiki has had over 4000 visits.
So far, it has a UK focus (although I think we’ve had one or two contributions from American librarians) but they’d really like it to be a useful resource internationally. Therefore I am pointing to it from my blog to encourage folks to visit and consider contributing.
I like the idea of this project “going viral” – it all fits with the web 2.0 spirit in which it was started, and I think people are more likely to get involved if they visit and get a sense that their story will make a difference.
Take a few moments to visit and see if your story fits.

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