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Will Books Survive?

I’d say, “Of Course!” but it is a provocative headline.
Anyway, David Weinberger (of Everything is Miscellaneous fame) has written
an interesting post about the future of paper books:
Will books survive? A scorecard…
Along the same vein, how will eBooks fare? Here’s a couple of interesting posts:
Should ebooks live in the Cloud?
Commentary from Carl Grant: E-book technology is accelerating. Libraries understanding and use of this technology needs to keep pace
Where the money in Books is migrating to
The Top 10 Myths About E-Books
“1. “They strain your eyes” / “They’re bad for people with poor eyesight” / “I’ll go blind.”
2. “You can’t back up your files” / “If you lose or break your e-reader or if a new e-reader comes out you
3. “I don’t want to have to scroll endlessly through a book” / “I’ll miss turning the pages” / “I like taking notes”
4. “They require a lot of power” / “They’re hot to the touch like laptops”
5. “You can’t check e-books out from the library”
6. “You can’t lend to friends or family”
7. “E-Readers are bad for the environment”
8. “You can’t read an e-reader in the bathtub” / “I would never take an e-reader to the beach
9. “They’re too expensive.”
10. “E-books are bad for publishers and authors””
It’s a wonderful debate where the real answer is that both will survive just like movies co-exist with DVD’s and TV and Radio co-exist. Nothing really killed the radio star, it just changed.

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