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Uses for the NUC

Do you have a huge set of the National Union Catalogue sitting around gathering dust on shelves? And don’t tell me it’s not dusty – honestly does anyone use this much anymore? (Admit you’d feel guilty recycling it, right? It’s an archaeological object! If you need to know why not read this.)
[Just in case they don’t teach ths anymore or you’ve forgotten, The National Union Catalog (also known as “Mansell”, after its publisher) is a 754 volume, 528,000 page, 13 million+ record set of green books that took 14 years and $34 million to come to fruition. And yes, it is copies of real catalogue cards from prestigious libraries. State of the art at the time. Really.]
Anyway, here’s a creative way to use these green books in a seasonal way and get the dust off them at the same time!
Anyway, check out this library christmas tree on Flickr made from the Mansell greens
[Thanks Jessamym]

Posted on: December 16, 2009, 11:36 am Category: Uncategorized

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