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Portals and Lego

I used to always use Lego as a metaphor for the bits and pieces we construct portals from. That, amazingly, seems to be a generational thing.
I was just in a big toy store and there wasn’t a plain and simple Lego set there. Everything had to be built to spec – like a space ship or pirate boat. Where’s the simplicity? Where’s the creativity? A kit with only one solution isn’t as much fun!
I recall Lego came in big sets that you could use your imagination with. I know this trend towards model oriented Lego started years ago sice we bought them for Zac and he’s 24 now. Stephanie just took a lot of old Lego to school for her grade 4 boys to use during rain days at recess.
Anyway, what metaphor can I use that is simple and uses only your imagination for your portal and not a set of rules and instructions?
Here are some Lego factoids from Gizmodo:

If you’re pining for toys oriented towards imagination this season, check out this article:
‘”Forget Zhu Zhu Hamsters, Classic Toys Have Power”: The Power of Play Doh’ (a great piece in Time on the developmental impact of toys with the interesting observation that the worst toys , “overdesigned, overengineered, the product of so much imagination on the part of the toymaker that they require none from the child.)
Feelin Grinchy…

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