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New survey on the future of the book

New survey on the future of the book

The Library Research Service from Colorado (a government agency that is charged with doing research on library usage, etc. ) published the results of their 60 second survey about eBooks, audiobooks and the future of the book in general.

From Teleread:
“The survey asked in what format (audio, electronic, or paper) respondents currently read fiction, non-fiction, and textbooks, as well as how they predict how they will read those materials 10 years from now. Those that use audio did not expect much change in 10 years (less than 1% change in each category). The largest expected transformation among respondents was for textbooks. 10 percent currently read them in an electronic format, but 59% expect to be reading them electronically in 10 years.

Survey respondents also predicted a change in how they will read fiction and non-fiction. Currently, 86 percent of our respondents read non-fiction in a paper format, but only 59 percent expect they will still be reading non-fiction that way in 10 years.”

See the full post for more interesting charts like this from their 60 second survey of 1300 people:

“Do you think paper books will eventually disappear?”

Now people are notoriously bad at predicting discontinuous change such as Talkies, Television, cel phones, linking all computers via the web, search engines like Google, streaming media killing CD/DVD, etc. But, then again, this is interesting nonetheless!


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