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Social Media Success

I think this Logic+Emotion post from David Armano deserves reading my libraries:

The 5 Reasons You’re Failing In Social Media
By David Armano

1. You really don’t want to engage directly with customers, employees, etc.—you just want them to hear what you have to say.
2. You’re not ready to create new roles, update process, re-distribute resources and budgets, re-train people, and revise old policies.
3. Social media actually threatens how you make money—but you pay lip service out of fear.
4. Politics.
5. You see it as a career advancing opportunity as opposed to a significant business transformation.

Reverse any of these, and you’ve likely improved your chances of succeeding in a business environment that’s becoming increasingly powered by people.”

Just change one attitude or goal at a time and lbrary community success will follow like a cat’s tail.


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