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Save the Library Campaigns

I was musing how many states had viral campaigns on Facebook to influence funders about budget and value of the library issues. So I had a few minutes at midnight one evening and went through all fifty states and found these:

United States at large:

Geek The Library

Save Libraries

State Campaigns

Florida FL

Save Florida Libraries

Save our Libraries, Save State Aid to Libraries

Illinois IL

Restore funding for IL library Systems

Save Illinois Libraries

Massachusetts MA

Don’t Close the Books on Libraries!

Michigan MI

Michigan Libraries for the Future

New Jersey NJ

Save NJ Libraries

Save My NJ Library

New York State

Protect NY Libraries

Ohio OH

Save Ohio Libraries

Wisconsin WI

Campaign for Wisconsin Libraries

A few local campaigns:

Los Angeles PL CA

Save the Los Angeles Public Library!

Save the Libraries

Charlotte Mecklenberg NC

$2 million in one week

Boston PL MA

People of Boston Branches

Brooklyn Public Library NY
Keep Your Library Open

Some of these camnpaigns are grass roots and some come from the state library association, friends’ groups or others. Some may have ended. It’s just one influencer strategy and it’s is not a mark against a state if they haven’t chosen public viral campaigning since there are other choices to educate, lobby, advocate and influence the budgetary process.

I just felt that it might be useful to pull the lot together for others to see them and learn.

I am sure I missed a few so please add them in the comments. In the next week I will add postings for the main value of the library studies by library sector for your use.


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  1. Andrea said

    Jessamyn West started compiling a similar list on last week:

  2. This is so dispiriting. I come from a town that has plenty of miserable municipal failures, but somehow, the public library system is one thing we’ve done right.

  3. Notice that there is nothing in Texas… What does that say?

  4. Eileen said

    In addition to the Facebook site you note above, in NJ we also have launched

  5. Thanks for the additions. I added them to the post.

  6. The American Library Association Chapter Relations Office has created this page, compiling a list similar to yours (thanks!) and noting other resources and tips: Save Libraries in Your State or

  7. Stephanie Grohol said

    Pennsylvania Libraries also are in need of support.
    The whole state was hit hard with the 2009-2010 budget impasse and the budget that finally went through. We are facing this again for the next 2010-2011 budget. I work for one of the local libraries where I live in PA.

  8. Carol Schwartz said

    For the United States at large, this group posted your article on Facebook: “I Love LIbraries.”

    For Michigan,
    “Keep Michigan’s History, Arts & Libraries Alive”
    “Save Michigan Libraries!”

    (Welcome to Cengage, BTW)

  9. Pam Jennelle said

    Save the East Lake County Library!!!! THere’s a facebook page for this one…sorry for typos…worked out and am too tired to type properly.

  10. Understanding the critical need for grassroots advocacy, the Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations (ALTAFF), has initiated a new “ALA President’s Award for Statewide Advocacy.” Our first award goes to the Florida Library Association which did an incredible job in 72 hours forcing a turn-around on proposed elimination of state aid for libraries. Even with such a stunning victory (at the hands of librarians, Friends, Trustees, and patrons), their funding is threatened once again. Citizens can make a real difference – going viral is a great way to make it happen.

  11. L. Reynolds said

    The City Council of Madison Heights, Michigan is threatening to cut The Children’s Librarian and Children’s Programs at The Library.
    Here is the facebook page concerning that situation

  12. Lisa Manners said

    Talk about going virul through the use of Capwiz, provided by ALA and many other resources such as those listed above, FLA just won our fight for a second year in a row. This year we know of 60,000+ emails that went out through Capwiz and estimate at least 60,000 personal contacts through other methods. We hope we don’t have to do it again…