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CIOs say IT should not block social media sites

A timely report from TechRepublic:

CIOs say IT should not block social media sites

“A new report shows that 6.8% of all Internet visits in businesses are going to Facebook. Still, TechRepublic’s CIO Jury says IT shouldn’t block social media. On April 16, TechRepublic polled its 100-member panel of U.S. IT executives and asked, “Should IT block social networking sites?” The jury, made up of the first 12 respondents, came through with eight “No” votes and four “Yes” votes.”

Report: 6.8% Of Business Internet Traffic Goes To Facebook

As I travel about I hear horror stories of blockages reported by librarians who have resorted to working from home to get access to websites they actually need for work. Some organizations have the anegnosis (resistance to knowledge) disease where they seek not to know what their customers and markets are saying about them on the open web. Amazing!


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