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The Future of the Textbook

I am saving some readings and reading lists on the future of textbooks. This is a very dynamic arena and the number of scenarios is still not clear.

Research Guide: The Future of Textbooks

The Future of the Textbook: A Quick Glimpse

10 Predictions for the Future of the Textbook

U Cincinnati and OhioLINK Research Digital Textbook Adoption

The Future of Digital Textbooks Presentation – PowerPoint Presentation

The Future of Textbooks: How Technology is Changing Classroom Texts

The 21st-century textbook
Future textbooks could improve update cycles and create feedback loops

More competition for publishers – this time from educators themselves

The Future of Textbooks: Ebooks in the Classroom

Textbooks of the Future

There’s a lot of thinking going on here. Some thinking is driven by cost while some is driven by improving learning or academic administration. I suppose the real solution to the new containeres for pedagogy and learning is somewhere in the hybrid space. Anyway, I am interested in any articles or research that anyone finds in this arena. Share with me in the comments.


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