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Google Editions and Google TV

Thunder and Lightening on the library strategy horizon:

Library Journal has a good discussion about Google Editions, Google Editions, Bookstore in the Cloud, will Go Live By July. It covers the current spate of announcements and concerns with respect to Google’s first real foray into the consumer retail space and, surprise!, it’s books. No word on library or institutional licenses or prici8ng for the books. Speculation will be rife.

Google’s bookstore, coming out this Summer, is called Google Editions. You could see it coming a few years ago when the acquired almost 40,000 relationships with current international publishers for their content. Keep your eyes on this one. It has the power to be to libraries what MP3 files were to the record industry. Transformational. Their tagline is “buy anywhere, read anywhere.”

And today, you will have noticed that Google launched, or announced, Google TV. Is it a DVD or iPad killer. It has been interesting to watch the Google Android phones challenge Apple’s iPhone, successfully.

Google TV

Wow! More roller coasters for me than tickets for the ride.


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