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Jay Leno – New Heights of Unfunny

I don’t watch the Tonight Show for obvious reasons. It’s so unfunny that I am embarrassed for the staff and audience that the host keeps his job, so to speak. I can’t stand watching squirm TV with circa 1999 jokes. Anyway, I was still distressed to see this report:

Jay Leno Hates Libraries

Jay’s “joke”:

“People here in Los Angeles are upset that the mayor’s proposed plan to cut the budget of libraries. This could affect as many as nine people.”

How lame! What an ass. People losing their jobs is funny?!

Anyway. I am thrilled to be spending this Saturday night in Toronto with my son (home for a visit on the long Queen Victoria weekend) seeing Conan O’Brien at Thomson Hall and then spending the evening with my whole family at Second City on Sunday Night. It’ll be great to see some humour from this century in Toronto.

That’s the way to spend a long weekend in Canada – with someone bringing on the real funny and not making fun of other’s pain. What city does Leno live in . . .? LA? Is he unaware of the librarian code? I was glad to see the city librarian for L.A. sent the idiot an appropriate message. Leno would probably only get it, though, if it was wrapped in a stale, decade-old O.J. Simpson joke. You just can’t get the stink off that comic.


Posted on: May 21, 2010, 12:50 am Category: Uncategorized