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Facebook and the new privacy settings

All Facebook: The Unofficial Facebook Resource blog has a useful posting:

10 Things You Need To Know About Today’s Facebook Privacy Changes

1. You Can Opt Out Of Applications
2. You Can Hide Your Friends List
3. You Can Hide Your Interests
4. Much Information Is Still Public By Default
5. Instant Personalization Is Still Opt-Out
6. You Can Hide Information From The Past
7. You Should Review Your Settings
8. Privacy Now Only Takes One Click
9. There Is Now A Single Directories Settings Page
10. Settings Will Be Rolled Out Over The Next Few Weeks

More detail in the post.

These are the things that every infomration professional worth their salt needs to know and be able to advise their patrons about. Black and White thinking where people think Facebook privacy issues are either like hiding in a hermit’s hut or that using Facebook is broadcasting your personal daydreams from your mind to the world aren’t helpful or correct.

I worry about those librarians who broadcast to the world on Twitter and blgos etc. that they have given up on managing privacy settings and have exited Facebook. Our profession is the very profession that should be able to assist people in managing these issues. I certainly would not choose to leave a digital trail that can be read by future employers that I have given up on learning those skills and keeping up to date. That’s almost as bad as not being in a social network (virtual or real) at all in society.

There are lots of paces to find ths infomration on the web but I do hope that ALA is planning on publishing a Library Technology Report on managing privacy in social networks . . . soon. I’ll bet it’s a bestseller.

It is a reasonable expectation of users that I can get advice on this from my library and librarians, whom I have indicated for years that I trust a lot.


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