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Link Influence and the Web

I was interestied in these two datapoints recently:

Number 1: The 140 Most Influential People on Twitter

I think it’s interesting that there are so many news sources on the chart along with Lady Gaga and Ashton Kutcher. Find out more about the chart here.

Number two: 99% Of Stories Blogs Link To Are Published By Mainstream Media

“99% of the stories blogs link to are produced by mainstream media, according to the latest study from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism.

Pew’s findings—based on a year’s worth of data analyzing the top stories on millions of blogs and social media pages, Twitter and YouTube—does show how new media websites can influence the overall impact of news stories, and the ways in which new media news storylines differ from the traditional press.

For instance:

Newspapers and broadcast networks generated more than 99% of the stories linked to by bloggers, and 87% of those stories were news reports rather than Op/Ed pieces.

But there were only 13 times when blogs and the mainstream press had the same top story, the most-overlapping of which was “the U.S. economic crisis (five weeks in all).” Others were H1N1, the protests in Iran last June and Sen. Edward Kennedy’s death.

Technology stories dominated on Twitter, comprising 43% of the top-five list any given week. “Foreign Events” stories came in second at 13%. And Twitter and the mainstream press were even less likely to share the same top story.

Unlike blogs, 39% of the most linked-to stories on Twitter came from online only sources, versus 30% that came from newspapers/magazines and broadcast networks.

Meanwhile, the “Foreign Events” category topped the most-viewed news videos on YouTube at 26%, whose top news agenda also mostly differed from the mainstream press. Also! CNN’s bizarro “balloon boy” interview got more than 2.5 million hits the week it aired.

Check out the full study here.”

Read more:

It seems this shows that Twitter and Blogs are a much smaller places than originally thought. I’ll bet libraries are broader!


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