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In the year 2050 . . .

Scientific American looks at 12 events (mostly technology) that would change everything before 2050.

The Scientific American list:

Machine-self awareness
Creation of life
Room-temperature superconductors
Fusion energy
Nuclear exchange
Asteroid collision
Deadly pandemic
Polar meltdown
Pacific earthquake
Extraterrestrial intelligence
Cloning of a human
Extra dimensions
Molecular nanotechnology
Quantum dots
Carbon nanotubes and graphene and the new material revolution
Advanced Metamaterials –
Plasmonic and optical computing
Synthetic biology
Life Extension, human regeneration and tissue engineering

For commentary, check out the Next Big Future blog on on this article.


Posted on: May 27, 2010, 11:48 am Category: Uncategorized

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  1. After extra dimensions, the next 8 items are things that I think will have big importance that were not on the scientific american list. superconductors will be even more important especially with better nanotech to enable large scale production. Recent research finds nanomesh of nobium nanowire has 17 times higher critical current. This will enable super high performance magnetic sails, better high field magnets and other technology. Room temperature or close to room temperature will allow ground launch from the magnetic poles without propellant. Anti-gravity using magnetism. Need tons of the stuff. I think figuring out the right nanostructure is the key to room temperature superconductors