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Social Gaming

Over on his blog, Jon Radoff provides a map of the history of social games from the physical to the virtual (There is a connection and the history is over 5,000 years old!).

Anyway, I know this is BIG in library land since I see so many librarians have joined the mafia, send me gifts of gems in many hues, throw sheep at me and ask me to plant their farms. It takes a village it seems to play a game. I guess it must be truly social. Maybe the folks that play are less social… (grin, I doubt it, just ‘different’). It’s also my observation that it’s not kids mostly, but middle-aged professional women.

Anyhoo, I like this:

A Social Game Manifesto

Either way, I don’t really know the library angle but there are communities here, there is reading, there are research agendas, and learning goes on. Hmmmm.


Posted on: June 2, 2010, 8:29 am Category: Uncategorized

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  1. Stephen,
    Thanks for raising this issue. We are dedicated over at to issues that surround gaming, libraries, and education (aka the “library angle”). This includes not only the largest library of game reviews for libraries developing collections, but also issues like Gaming & Literacy and Libraries & Schools working together with gaming as well as librarian social events like our Project Brand Yourself a Librarian and the ALA Dance Party.
    Thanks for the post!