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Best Plagiarism Video Evuh

I think this is the best anti-plagiarism video ever. (I think it’s from the University of Bergen and it’s just over 5 minutes)

Et Plagieringseventyr >

Make sure that you have the close captioning on since the original is in German Norwegian. It’s like watching a fine foreign film.


edit: I should have known Bergen was in Norway since I’ve been to Norway twice! Shame on me. Thanks for the corrections in the comments.

5 Responses

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  1. Madison said

    I believe that is actually in Norwegian, not German. Excellent video, though!

  2. Floyd Pentloin said

    I assume this is in Norwegian since it is from Bergen. It isn’t in German.

  3. That video just made my day. Hilarious way to educate people about plagiarism.

  4. This is excellent – thanks for sharing. One small correction, it is in Norwegian, not German, and comes from the University of Bergen, in Norway.

  5. Joy Pile said

    Great video on plagiarism – the original is, I think in Norwegian, definitely not German.