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The Cloud and Libraries

Experts say we’ll be working in the ‘cloud’ by 2020

“In a recent survey of around 900 Internet and tech experts and social analysts, Elon University researchers found that most of their respondents said Internet users will “live mostly in the cloud” by 2020.

These experts, or a full 71 percent of them, at least, predict we’ll be working primarily through web-based and mobile apps, such as Facebook and Google Docs, and less on software installed on our own desktops.

This group isn’t forecasting the death of the desktop altogether, though — at least, not just yet. According to this study, the majority of respondents think that in the future, we’ll use a hybrid of cloud and desktop computing, with web-based programs continuing to grow in their scope and role.

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The future of cloud computing
by Janna Anderson, Lee Rainie, Pew Internet & American Life, Jun 11, 2010

What’s the library angle?

I’m sure many have already figured this out. Libraries have always been users of the ‘cloud’ in a way. The web itself is really a cloud app. Licensed databases exist in the ‘cloud’. With so many software features moved to the cloud, and many for free, this is a great opportunity for libraries to expand services AND cut costs. Probably every terminal in your library can support could computing for most ‘office’ apps as well as a good deal more. Is it time to move most end user stations to support could comutng and to set up trainng and information sessions in the libary for all staff (first), users and learners?


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