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HTML5 and Video

HTML5 is one of the biggest trends in web and mobile web coding standards. It’s important and it’s time to invest in understanding this standard. It’s not just about video but that’s what is driving the adoption of HTML5 and hastening the potential decline of Adobe Macromedia Flash. Video isn’t just about entertainment but plays a huge role in news, education and conferences.

Why You Should Adopt HTML5—Now

1. Nearly two-thirds of web video is already encoded for HTML5
2. One of HTML5’s biggest benefits for marketers is its native video support.
3. HTML5 videos can be built directly into supporting browsers, which enables publishers to deliver full-motion, high-quality video faster.
4. There are also direct video SEO benefits.
5. HTML5 improves search engines’ understanding of the structure and content of a video and provides greater accessibility.
6. Simple browser coding makes HTML5 videos more searchable and indexable.

Are You Ready For The New iPad Era With HTML5?

“Research has showniPad users consume two and a half times as many videos as the typical web user that iPad users consume two and a half times as many videos as the typical web user and three times as many videos as iPhone users.”

I know that’s true. I personally find video a joy to watch on my iPad.


Posted on: June 22, 2010, 4:37 pm Category: Uncategorized

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  1. marcia rodney said

    hey Stephen, this is why I read you, I never heard of HTML5 til now. So….does it make the content more searchable? indexable? parseable? How?
    And why, Oh Tall Dashing Conference Attendee, is it a joy to watch on your iPad, as opposed to other devices? Wherein lieth the joy?
    All shedding of light welcome.


    Hello my beautiful friend:
    HTML5 removes the need for plug-ins, Flash or downloads. Now that’s freedom.
    And my iPad has great screen resolution and it’s so light to hold or prop-up on the airplane food tray.
    I can listen with my good iPad headphones rather than the cheap airplane crappy ones.
    And it holds a ton of video for long flights.