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Old Spice Video for Libraries

If you haven’t seen this yet, you must!

Congratulations are due to LISNews author Andy Woodworth and fellow librarian tweeps, who got the Old Spice Guy to do a tribute to libraries. Old Spice spokesmodel, and former football star, Isaiah Mustafa defends libraries in this. In a post on The Open Library Blog, George Oates let’s us know that the Old Spice guy (if you’ve seen the TV commercials, you know what we’re talking about) has about 30 seconds of things to say about libraries, books, and communications. In a word funny .

Apparently the request to say something about libraries came via suggestions to Old Spice via the their Twitter feed.

Hat Tip: The Open Library Blog, LISNews and @wawoodworth (Andy Woodworth)

And here’s a cool BYU Libraries version:

New Spice: Study like a scholar, scholar.


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  1. The BYU Libraries version is very well done. Thanks for the link!!