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Book Recommendation Services

OK, this is a neat finding…

The Centered Librarian pointed to LifeHacker’s survey about what their readers thought was the best book recommendation service on the web…

Here’s the chart with the results:

“In first place was GoodReads (39%), a book lover’s web site with lists, lists, and more lists to fit your interests. Second was the recommendation engine at (27%), followed by Shelfari (13%), and then LibraryThing (11%). In last place were “Other” (7%) and GetGlue (5%).”

So I am interested that libraries would have a difficult time making the list since our efforts are both face to face and quite diffused throughout the land and ver many sites. I think we’d be ner the top – except for this lack of concentration.

The Gypsy Librarian points to an interesting article in (and makes some good points too) which “is basically describing what a good librarian skilled in reader’s advisory does.”

“The Fine Art of Recommending Books” by Laura Miller.

Anyway, my question is, “Has anyone seen a great site in libraries that highlights the wonderful reader’s advisory services in a modern and interesting way?” I like the work of Bibliocommons and LibraryThing for Libraries, but what else is out there?


Posted on: July 29, 2010, 10:21 am Category: Uncategorized