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Is Scott Pilgrim Smarter?

Interesting contradiction:

Why Does the Media Still Think Video Games are Bad for Kids?

“Experts say video games can help children develop complex critical thinking skills, experiment at their own pace, and learn from their own mistakes. So why does the media still focus only on the negatives of video gaming?

Photo by sean dreilinger.Tech consultant Scott Steinberg writes at that “some 30 years after video games became a popular form of mainstream entertainment, we’re still liable to hear less about games’ positive impact on kids’ lives than sensationalistic accounts of their hidden dangers.”

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I just watched the movie Scott Pilgrim tonight and quite enjoyed it. Besides liking the hometown locations, it is a very interesting amalgam of videogame references, pop culture, Canadianisms, Manga, graphic novels and Anime. All wrapped up in an interesting action story with a love theme. I liked it. See it on the big screen, it’s better there given the action sequences.


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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the Scott Pilgrim movie. I’m tired of hearing that only people in a very small age/interest demographic will even “get” the movie, much less enjoy it.