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11 Simple Rules For Getting Along With Others

Every once in a while we see friction in our world. Library teams are no exception. Put people passionate about their jobs in the same room and conflict surely follows. Sometimes it’s the other person’s fault and sometms the fault lies in ourselves. I know I have often looked back on a friction-filled moment and seen how I could have handled it better.

Anyway, I thought this posting was timely just before we start a new school year, a new academic year, the next quarter, or the Autumn period.

11 Simple Rules For Getting Along With Others

Phil McKinney lists these timeless ideas from Hewlett and Packard when hey were young entrepreneurs:

“I challenge you to read them and not find at least 3 or 4 areas that you can work on.

1. Think first of the other fellow.
2. Build up the other person’s sense of importance.
3. Respect the other man’s personality rights.
4. Give sincere appreciation.
5. Eliminate the negative.
6. Avoid openly trying to reform people.
7. Try to understand the other person.
8. Check first impressions.
9. Take care with the little details..
10. Develop genuine interest in people.
11. Keep it up.”

Read the whole post after the link.


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