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Everybody needs a laugh: Comics for Us

There are some really great niche comic strips that you can add to your RSS feeds for that daily giggle that makes the day pass better. Some senses of humour are different and that’s good but I thought you might find these three lists useful.

Library Theme Comics:

1. Unshelved

2. Shelf Check

3. Library Humour Flickr Set

4. Overdue Laughs

5. Rex Libris (not technically a comic but a neat graphic novel series)

Geek Theme Comics:

If you’re trying to understand your systems team, yo might start here. Links are here.

15 Great Geeky Web Comic Strips

1. Player vs. Player

2. The Brads

3. Penny Arcade

4. Dog House Diaries

5. Hijinks Ensue


7. Joy of Tech

8. Dork Tower


10. Cyanide and Happiness

11. Little Gamers

12. User Friendly

13. The PC Weenies

14. ExtraLife

15. The Oatmeal

Social Media Theme Comics:

5 Funny Social Media Web Comics

1. Status: This

2. Guhmshoo

3. Geek and Poke

4. Pink Sheep’s Twitter Nonsense

5. Noise to Signal

6. Hubspot

Always looking for a smile, even if it is sardonic!


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  1. indeed, and then top that off with a viewing of the IT Crowd and Better off Ted

  2. Three great lists Stephen! But before anyone else jumps in to tell you: ‘The preferred form is “xkcd”, all lower-case.‘ (via the site’s About page).

  3. Grace Lillevig said

    One more library themed strip to add…On A Claire Day. The strip is often set in Claire’s workplace, which is a library. They just did a series of strips on job cuts. The library is not the sole focus of the strip, but does play a role. It’s available from